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How do Smell Proof Bags Work?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Smell Proof Science

Do smell proof bags actually work? In order to understand that, you first need to know how they are made. There are different methods of scent prevention that keep the bag sealed tight to make it odor-free. People used to think that you needed a tight-fitting seal for your containers to keep any smells in, but that couldn’t be further form the truth.

Enter Activate carbon ! This powerful product does not require a sealant - this makes it a more ergonomic and cost-effective choice.

Major brands like RYNOBAG use only the best quality activated carbon lining, with millions of micro pockets that trap every bit of the

molecules. These little pockets work like a scented-sponge, sucking all the smells up before they can escape the bag, case or backpack. The combination of this durable, smell-eliminating carbon lining and the outer layers of the bag prevent the smells from leaking.

Good smell proof bags usually maximize the amount of activated carbon lining per square inch, which is the way we measure how smell proof a bag will be. For example , most companies will provide 2-3 mm lining of smell proof carbon , however RYNOBAG and other high end brand will offer up to 5-6 mm of carbon lining , which can be a huge factor in the extent of the smell proof abilities of the container.

Why do I need Odor Proof Storage Containers?

Once you get used to a smell, your brain adjusts to it and makes it nonthreatening. For example, living in your home for a long time might make you less aware of odors.

The issue is when outsiders visit the same bad smelling environment they might be put off by it quite a bit more than those who have grown used to it.

Will a Smell Proof Bags work in a Car?

They completely DO! Smell Proof Products are great for travel because they can be used anywhere, even in the car. For those that carpool or are ride sharers, an odor eliminating bag is perfect because cars can easily start to smell.

How Long Does a Smell Proof Bag Last?

The great thing about activated carbon is that it can be recharged. To recharge or reactivate a bag, just put it in the dryer for 10 minutes or use heat from a hair dryer to release the trapped particles.

Getting a longer time in between recharges is great! Double-walled carbon lining will help you out with that by better absorbing any smelly substances like tobacco or smelly material in even mylar bags inside your bag as this will decrease the amount of times between having to recharge the smell proof bag. Placing the content inside is also fine, but it will only require more activations.

Increasing the time between carbon recharges is a great idea. Double-walled carbon lining can help, since it has more permeable pores for absorbing smelly things like tobacco or cooking.

Where Can I Buy a Smell Proof Bag Near Me?

With a huge rise in popularity in recent years, the Smell Proof Bag and Odor Proof Container is available from many retailers. You can buy them online on Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and Ebay stores or from Rynobag's own website. If you need a bag today, look for it at the nearby smoke shop or dispensary.

What are The Alternatives to a Smell Proof Bag?

There are many kinds of scentless containers and solutions that can help you with most smelly scents. A Smell Proof Bag from RYNO BAG is absolutely the best way to go, but we have compiled a list of various sorts of scent eliminating storage you can use:

  • Activated Carbon Lined Bag - Technology that can do away with bad smells. Versatile. Charged every 6- 12 months. Typically used for fabric type bags, which can include cases, pouches, purses, crossbody fanny packs and backpacks. BEST USE : It is recommended that these be used together with an air-tight Mylar bag or a food storage sack. This will not only help to keep the product fresh but also decrease the need for re-charge.

  • Mylar Bags - Typically come with a zip-lock style seal. If your materials are coming out of the bag with a strange smell, this is probably due to contamination on the outside of the bag. BEST USE :To get the best odor control, use an Impulse sealer for long term storage. This will not only help prevent smells from escaping, but will also preserve the item.

  • Airtight Hard Case - Air tight safes are excellent for protecting products. They work by locking air in. The airtight seal can emit some smells over time, but in general, this isn't an issue for the majority of buyers. BEST USE: These should be stored in a mylar bag together with the jars to keep odor out.

  • Ziplock Bag - This can work for a short period of time but the smell will go through the bag pretty quickly. It's best for storing food and sandwiches. BEST USE: use with an activated carbon lined bag or airtight case.

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