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What makes a smell proof bag great, and where to get them?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The market for odor resisting bags can feel pretty overwhelming. There are so many options available, it feels like there is no end in sight. You can have clear, black, or white bags for your shopping. How should you store your weed in the best way possible? Our top picks for smell-proof bags are just a scroll away.

How to Pick Whats Right for You?

Looking for the best smell proof bag?? Keep in mind the purpose. Think about size, design, and colour.You may want to consider durability. Think about elements of discretion as well as design. For example, you might want a plastic baggie with zero flair, or something a little more elaborate like options for smoking weed discreetly packable options like only-in-dope dispensary .There is a huge range of affordable and more expensive options on the market. Let’s narrow down your ideas by focusing on what are the top priorities for you.

  • The size - One 30L bag may be unsuitable for your needs - it is highly dependent on the amount of storage you have, built-in design features and such. Being able to tell the difference between different brands is important, but we do sometimes find subtle differences even within the same line of products from a company.

  • The design and aesthetics Get styles that suit your taste and needs. Different companies offer a variety of styles, from ultra-luxury to rugged.

  • The colour If you want to be discreet, you might want some darker colours. However, there are also those who thrive from bright colours that express their personality . Some people may find this inspiring or up lifting. There are a few options for the rainbow lovers!

  • The durability and material. The most important features that you should look for in a durable bag are the stitching and the material. Durable bags are usually made of carbon fibre, nylon or canvas and have double stitching. You should also look for a bag with high-quality zippers, as these will last much much longer !

‘Where DO I buy smell proof bags ? ‘

Here are a select few of the options that we found. You may want to think consider the advice above before making a decision !


RYNO BAGs are one of the more exclusive brands around and now we have a new bag out called Classik! Classik is a favorite stash bag in the smoking community because it's not only discreet, but also has a scent-proof property and is very practical! You almost never need to carry weed in a backpack around town, so this is a perfect solution for the daily trips !

With smell-proof and waterproof technology and double carbon lining, this stash bag will keep your phones and other gadgets safe during travel. It also protects the quality of your bud concentrates.

RYNO Classik is lightweight and has advanced features like a zipper compartment to hold your vaping tools as well as adjustable straps. It also has a lock, carbon filter-lined pocket. A great place to store your grinder, keys and headphones. They come in diverse colours and a sleek and luxurious design. Made of a sturdy and durable material, this is perfect for any weather. You can put it through rain, snow and fog with the assurance that it will come out on top!


The smell-proof and waterproof technology will protect the inside from any weather, so you can have a smoke in any environment without worries.I've been getting a ton of questions about fanny packs and having them be old school. We don't believe in that here. RYOT's Waist Pack is great for carrying whatever you need on your adventure!

When you need something to carry your day-to-day necessities, this fanny pack will do the job. It can comfortably and securely hold a few pipes for the bike ride, some joints for the party, or an extra clutch for going out.

Obviously, you wouldn't want to smell like weed all day so this discreet bag is the best choice for people who need something to carry their stash in. Mini Brokers make life easier for those dealing with smelly valuables. With their 3-layer activated charcoal liner, you can rest assured that your item won't be detected by anyone - not even dogs!

Revelry has a range of cool patterns to choose from - Aztec and Camo among them. Check out the new Mini Broker and you'll be sorted for your next traveling adventure !

Genius Backpack

The team from Genius Pipe have created another fantastic smell proof product. This is great news for all lovers of Herb, who enjoy the quality and benefit of Genius Pipe's products. This is the first product sold by Genius’ Geniuswear collection and it’ll be your everyday buddy. If it is a walk through the forest or a small stroll around town, The Genius Backpack is here for you.

This water-resistant, odor-proof bag is perfect for any adventurer. You don't need to worry about your things getting wet on a rainy day, or coming home smelling like old hamburger. It's not too big or heavy so you can carry it around all day! There are three compartments to store everything you need, and the interior is lined with soft soft leather to protect anything else in your bag.

ONGROK Travel Case

You need a special stash bag for travel. For vacations and business trips, any stash bag can work, but if you want to store your herb for an extended stay away from home, you need one that can preserve freshness and protect it from the elements.The ONGROK bag blends in with your luggage and can also be used as a stash-bag.

The kit includes 2 1/4 or 1/2oz jars, airtight zipper with lubricant, mesh pockets. This stash bag will keep your phones and other gadgets save during travel. It also protects the quality of your bud concentrates.

Stashlogix Highland

Messenger bags are a wonderful option for someone who is going to be on their feet all day. The straps allow you to distribute the weight and keep your hands free for any other tasks you might need them. The Highland is an excellent stash bag for students, those who have busy jobs with a lot of coming and going, and people with long commutes alike.

Highland has multiple pockets with room for your cell, iPad, and of course, multitools. Its also water-resistant and can stand up to moisture and odors. It has a lock so that way, people at your desk or those in your class won't be able to go through it.


The RYOT Pro Duffle that's right, this is the perfect staple for someone who is always on the go. It has a compact design, and it even comes with a water-resistant coating to ensure that you are never without your writing utensils.

This padded design, with SmellSafe Carbon Series technology, allows ample storage for all your smoking supplies. The odor-proof duffle bag is perfect for those who traveling or camping and want to pack light. It's been designed to withstand the smelliest of situations, so whether you're going to the gym, a few days at the beach, or staying overnight at a friend's house, your belongings will stay fresh and clean.

This product is made from a durable This one, in particular, is made of high-quality materials and will always stay untarnished.


The Myster Weed Stash Box is one of our favorites! It's really convenient for all your accessories. The Stashtray bundle is also amazing, it comes with a wide selection of products that are perfect for stashing and packing. Stashbox is not just a weed storage container, it also has double-plated stainless steel tray for people who roll joints or blunts.The magnetic lid, ashtray and grinder are just some of the lovely features this well-crafted weed storage device has to offer. The ashtray and storage container have covers that are easy to remove, meaning you can use it in any environment with ease. Plus, if you want to hide your stash when nobody is looking all you need do is flip it onto its side.


This is just the beginning of the odore proof world. An entire realm exists out there with many options. There are containers, jars and other quirky things out there that we didn't even get a chance to touch upon but have plenty of good uses when it comes to storing things!.These are some of the most popular and best rated container options for cannabis that you can find. These applications will not just help keep the weed safe, but also allow you to increase your scent-independence.

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